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SW-213G-ED-HC Computer control multifunctional fabric inspection machine(High Configuration)
SW-213G-ED Multifunctional fabric inspection machine(Standard Configuration)

Function: fabric inspection, fabric measurement, fabric rolling and edge alignment, computer-controlled tension, static elimination

Best For: Down cloth fabric, umbrella fabric, thick and thin woven or leather








1. Touch-screen operation interface, intuitive manipulation

2. Special for glaze and wrinkle easily down cloth, and umbrella fabric.

3. Eliminate static device is installed , can eliminate static which generated by friction

4. The angle of the bottom light can be adjustable, it is suitable for different fabric's photosensitive angle, the view is more clear.

5. Computer tension stepless adjustment, can backward inspection machine at any time, and it won't winkle easily.

6. Electronic sensor measuring length, meter/yard can be converted, and it can be setting the required length and then machine stop running, the length will be more accurately.

※ We can produce machine which can inspect forward and backward fabric one time(need to order separately)

※ Can equip working table, can cut off the fabric by cutter machine according to the required length.(need to order separately)

※ Can equip with weight working table, can cut off the fabric by cutter machine according to the required length, fabric length, weight, defects location can be printed at any time (need to order separately)

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