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JN-928 Automatic Down Weighting And Filling Machine(Standard Configuration)
JN-928-HC Automatic Down Weighting And Filling Machine(High Configuration)

Double work position High accuracy Auto weighting Static elimination Change down quickly

Applicable to various types of down and feather filling(50-90 down)

Characteristics of the equipment:

1. Applicable to various types of down:90,80,70,60 down.

2. Eliminate static device is installed, can eliminate friction static due to the dry weather.

3. Precision weighing modules can measured the down accurately every time, ensure the filling can be finished accurately and high efficiency.

4. Can input multicomponent gram, can write and saved a variety of gram weight parameters, also can save the work piece Data, which convenient to call later.

5. The equipment can set different gram weight parameter, unit cell filling range 1-25 gram, under the condition of compressed air source is preferably, filling can reach 32 gram every single time.

6. Equipment program can update the built-in down filling parameter list automatically, and correct the down filling parameter and it have self-learning function.

7. The change down quickly equipment, can shorten the change down time greatly, which can improve the work efficiency.

8. The equipment can record the actual down filling data and parameter automatically.

9. Can use in the filling of unbreathable fabric, which better than other same type filling machine.

Main machine size: 2.8*2.1*1.8(meter)

Main machine + 2 working table:4.1*2.1*1.8(meter)

Recommended floor space requirements: 5*3(meter)

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